Training Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

A lot of people discover that training a cat to use its litter box isn't the difficult process that they imagined. Most of them will quickly figure out how to find their way to their box. And typically the whole process of training has already begun before you even take your new kitten home. The mother cat begins the training process before her brood is even weaned.

Another thing that makes cats easy to train is that they are finicky animals and prefer cleanliness in both their bodies and their surroundings. It's instinctive for a cat to cover up its own waste. So offering them a convenient place to do it in the form of a clean litter box is usually all that's needed.

In case your cat is not trained, however, the whole undertaking of getting your kitty to use its litter box can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Litter box training is really all about creating a new habit for your feline friend.

Each time you feed your cat, get into the habit of taking it to the litter box right after it has finished its meal. It's usual for cats to want to do their business after eating, and you'll encourage that natural tendency if you place them in the box on a regular basis. When this has become an established habit, your cat will start to head off to their litter box as part of their after dinner routine.

If your attempts regarding litter training your cat don't go as quickly or successfully as anticipated, it's important that you remember to be patient. There could be all sorts of reasons why your kitty doesn't want to use the box you have provided for it. It might be in an area that's too exposed. Cats don't like eliminate where they're out in the open and can be viewed by everyone who walks by.

As well, there might be a problem with the brand of litter you're using. Cats are very finicky and a certain texture or smell could be enough to put them off using the box. If that's the case, experiment with various brands and formulations until you find one your cat will use.

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