Good Things To Know About Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdoll cat breed goes back to the 1960’s in California. It is very popular for the relaxation skills the cats in this category are capable of. The Ragdoll cat is able to completely relax, which allows people to handle them in almost any possible way, without the cat to complain about any pain. This is where their name comes from: they go totally limp when picked up! This is probably the fact to cause the whole controversy surrounding the Ragdoll cats. One of the accounts even claims that this breed has been left on Earth by an alien race. Many of these wild claims were made by the breed’s founder and are still passed around.

Their special traits as the characteristic limpness when picked up, as well as their easy going nature are what they are selectively bred for. They are the result of mixing Birman, Persian, and Burmese cats.

To go with its large size and long, muscular body, the legs on the Ragdoll are medium to medium long and the back legs are longer than the front ones. Their chest is very big, as well as the shoulders. To speak about the coat, these cats have silky fur, which needs to be groomed on a daily basis. A wide toothed comb is the best tool for this! This will prevent tangles and remove dead hair that can cause hairballs. A gentle brushing with a long bristled brush is also very good for these cats. The pointed color pattern can be colorpoint, mitted and bicolor. The colorpoint coat takes about two years to fully develop.

These cats come in lilac, seal, blue, and chocolate, but there are also some special colors like red and lynx point. The adult males weigh between 15 to 20 pounds, while female cats are smaller, that is from 9 to 13 pounds. This clearly qualifies the Ragdoll cats as the largest domestic cat. They are wonderful companions though!

When it comes to their personality, you must know that these cats are very gentle and easy going. They are loyal and loving towards their owners. Ragdoll cats are famous for their placid temperaments as well as their affectionate nature. Unlike the other cats, they do not have any fighting instincts, so you they must rather be kept inside than left to defend themselves. They are not aggressive and might therefore be easily hurt by other cats.


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