Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat: Colors & Patterns

In this article, I will discuss the different types of Ragdoll Cats. Although Ragdoll Cats are a unique breed in themselves, they can be further divided into groups based on the colors and patterns of their fur. The combination of color and pattern can then be used when describing a Ragdoll.

Colors Ragdoll Cats are one of the following four colour types:

* Seal - Mostly cream/beige/fawn with dark brown points, nose and paw-pads
* Chocolate - Mostly ivory with milk chocolate colored points, nose and paw-pads
* Blue - Mostly bluish-white with blue-gray points, nose and paw-pads
* Lilac - Mostly white with pink-gray points, nose and paw pads

Patterns The colored patterns of a ragdolls fur are either:

* Colorpoint
* - The body is predominantly lighter, with darker ears, nose, tail, face and feet points. There is no white fur. Mitted
* - As the colorpoint except with white front paws, rear paws and legs, chin and ruff and a white strip on the stomach. Bi-Color
- Predominately white with darker back, tail and ears with a trianglular pattern on the head between the eyes. Pink nose leather and paw pads.


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