This Ragdoll Cat Likes to Wear a Hat

After losing our 16-year old beloved but crabby tabby cat to old age we really felt a void in our household. For years we had been attracted to the idea of adopting a Ragdoll cat, but Bunky (our tabby) was not at all receptive to the idea. We longed to fill the void in our lives with a breed of cat which is noted for being very gentle and affectionate.

We began to research catteries on the internet and we were lucky enough to find a male, blue color-point Ragdoll kitten which would be available in just a few weeks. The breeder arranged to ship the kitten to us via Continental Airlines. We were a little leery about having a tiny kitten taking a plane trip, but Continental is renowned for their care in transporting animals in temperature-controlled cargo holds.

When we picked up our kitty, Andy, he was just a little 2-pound ball of fluff. He was happy to come out of the pet carrier and he slept, purring in my wife’s lap on the 90 minute drive home from the airport.

Ragdolls are noted for their sweet temperament and Andy fits the bill. Now that he is 18 months old he is almost 14 pounds with a long, muscular solid body and dense, silky hair which is non-matting.
Even with his large physique (and he won’t be full-grown until he’s 3 years old) Andy lives up to the Ragdoll reputation of relaxing all his muscles when we pick him up. He is a big, blue-eyed bundle of fur that enjoys being pushed along the tile floor where he lays waiting in front of the pantry door for a treat. One of his favorite things is being brushed. He actually begs for it so of course we have to comply at least once a day!

He follows me around the house like a puppy dog and is fascinated by water to the point where he will join me or my wife in the shower.
He stays next to where the water is splashing and laps up a long drink while his silky hair becomes dotted with the sparkling drops of water. Andy also likes to wear a hat! If I leave my baseball cap where he can get to it, he ducks his head underneath the hat until just his nose and eyes are sticking out from under the bill. He seems to enjoy wearing the hat as he relaxes beneath it.

The Ragdoll breed is so docile that their claws rarely come out when their humans are playing with them. Andy uses his paws like hands to let us know he isn’t done being petted. When we are asleep he is most comfortable with one of his big soft paws resting on my face or arm.

I can’t say enough about the virtues of this wonderful breed of cat.
Andy and our new little Ragdoll cat, Molly, have certainly enhanced our lives. If you like cats, you will LOVE Ragdoll cats!

by Robert Henie


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