The Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is one of the highly prized cat breeds around the world. The beautiful cat dates its origin back to the nineteen sixties when it was first developed in California, United States. Since then it has undergone a few changes but it still remains one of the best varieties among domestic cats as far as temperament and looks are concerned. A relatively big cat, the average Ragdoll weighs in the range of ten to twenty pounds, with males being larger than average females.

With its deep chested muscular physique the Ragdoll is an impressive physical specimen amongst house cats. Its long silky coat comes in four patterns, namely mitted, van, bicolor and colorpoint. Established fur colors are six. These include blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, red and seal. Points exist on face, ears, tail and legs like the Siamese, in various patterns including lynx, tortie and solid. Ragdolls are slow in development and do not reach their full size with a well developed coat until three to four years of age. When fully grown they have a curved profile with large hindquarters. They have big beautiful blue eyes and a very sweet facial expression.

Ragdolls are the most laid back of all cats. They almost never get into fights and don't known how to defend themselves. Therefore they must never be left outdoors. It is often reported that they go limp when picked up though this may not be true in all cases.

Owing to their loving and sweet nature, Ragdolls make excellent pets for a household. They are playful though they keep their claws sheathed during play. They are gentle and affectionate animals and are also considered often to be the most loving of all cats. They follow their humans around everywhere, displaying a tender attitude towards them. The single layered coat doesn't shed or tangle easily and therefore does not require as through grooming as that of the Persian.


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